Quick Ciabatta Bread

This bread is a cross between Ciabatta and rustic French Boule. It is very good right out of the oven or for breakfast the next day, toasted, topped with almond butter and blackberry jam. Yum!!!

Quick Ciabatta Bread,  dadwhats4dinner.com
Quick Ciabatta Bread, dadwhats4dinner.com

If you have not worked with yeast don’t be afraid it’s not that difficult. Make sure you use yeast that has not expired and lukewarm water. The water needs to be between 100° and 115°. To cold and the yeast will not activate, to hot and it will kill the yeast.

This goes great with my Beef Daube Cajun Style.

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Beef Daube Cajun Style

Beef Daube Cajun Style,     Dadwhats4dinner.com
Beef Daube Cajun Style, Dadwhats4dinner.com

In honor of New Orleans, Mardi Gras and french influence’s on their local cuisine, I wanted to share my recipe for Beef Daube Cajun Style.

Beef Daube Cajun Style    dadwhats4dinner.com
Beef Daube Cajun Style Dadwhats4dinner.com

I made this dish yesterday to have for dinner tonight. It is better if served the next day but can be served immediately. I also made fresh Quick Ciabatta Bread which goes great with this hardy dish. It is very cold and snowy today and a warm hearty dish will hit the spot.

Quick Ciabatta Bread,  dadwhats4dinner.com
Quick Ciabatta Bread, Dadwhats4dinner.com

I spiced up the traditional Beef Daube by adding Cajun blackened seasoning. I use all natural Cajun’s Choice brand. This adds just enough kick to add a New Orleans flare.

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