Pub Grub (ABTs and Wings)

This looks great. I need to try this and also post my stuffed jalapeño recipe

Pub Grub (ABTs and Wings).

Baked Mini Cajun Crab Cakes

A few weeks ago, I purchased a container of lump crab meat for another dish I was making but never got around to using it.

Last weekend my son was bugging me to make something with the crab. He loves crab and would have been happy to eat it out of the container. Instead, I decided to make my healthier version of crab cakes. These are baked not pan fried. I also used a low fat mayo. This is a great easy appetizer or could be converted into a main dish. I personally like the mini version better. Serve these with my homemade Remoulade Sauce recipe or as my wife says to me sometimes; keep it simple with a Remoulade purchased from the store. Nah I’d rather make it myself!

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Mexican Black Bean Dip

This is the first in my Cinco de Mayo  series. Tonight appetizer. What else would be first?  Over the next week I will post a cocktail, main dish and dessert.

This is an awesome simple appetizer dip that will wow your friends. I am a little embarrassed of how easy this is, but adults and kids absolutely love it. If you are on the west coast and still need an idea for tonight’s party, this is it.

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Spicy Cheese Straws

Spicy Cheese Straws

Once a month, during the fall and winter, we are get together with a group of old neighbors to play cards. We usually get together once a month . The group can be large at times. It is very casual and everyone brings an appetizer to share. I always try to make something new and last month I decided to make spicy cheese straws. This is a fairly simple appetizer and makes for a nice presentation. I found this while looking for new ideas for appetizers. I adapted the recipe to my own taste and doubled it. The original recipe is from Ann Maloney at The site has a large selection of unique recipes.

Makes about 36

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