Buffalo Chicken Lasagna

My family loves anything buffalo. They also love lasagna. This is my “mashup” of the two. A little spicy, easy to make and very yummy.

As with all my recipes I try to make them easy and convenient as possible. For the chicken I bought two packages of bone-in chicken breasts. Season the chicken with salt, pepper and a little blackened seasoning. Bake for 40 minutes at 350°.  To make the recipe even easier you could substitute a rotisserie chicken from the store.

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Easy, healthy recipes for lightened-up Southern food.

My Meals are on Wheels

Some delicious and healthy Southern Food Recipes, it’s all from the EatingWell website! Which is a great source for all your recipe needs. http://www.eatingwell.com/healthy_cooking

Easy, healthy recipes for lightened-up Southern food.EatingWell2
Despite its reputation, Southern food can certainly be healthy. These easy Southern recipes feature plenty of greens, beans and vegetables. Enjoy collard greens in creamy skillet mac and cheese or try new variations of Hoppin’ John—a Southern favorite—for a bit of good luck.

Mac & Cheese with Collards
Dark leafy collards add bold flavor and boost the calcium in this healthy skillet mac and cheese recipe with a crispy topping. If you don’t have collards, kale, Swiss chard and spinach are delicious substitutes……

Bourbon-Glazed Pork Chops with Hoppin’ John
In this one-skillet dinner recipe, Kentucky bourbon gives a kick to these sticky glazed pork chops. In the healthier black-eyed pea Hoppin’ John, this easy recipe uses smoked paprika instead…

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Easy Mini Chicken Pot Pies

20150126_185707We had a little snow yesterday. Nothing like what they had in New England. More like the bust of a snowstorm they had in New York City. The kids were disappointed with only a two-hour delay to the start of school. I’m proud of the schools for not closing for a 3/4 inch of snowfall.

I formulate my meal plans for the week by taking out a variety of meats and fish from the freezer on Saturday or Sunday. I then come up with ideas of what I am going to make and research recipes online. I use my own ideas to modify multiple recipes to suit my families taste. I attempt to make all of our meals lower in fat and calories. I also try to make enough to have leftovers for lunch the next day for myself or my wife.

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Quick Chicken Recipes

EatingWell.com is a great resource for healthy recipes. I will publish a easy Mini Chicken Pot Pie recipe later today.

My Meals are on Wheels

Quick and easy Chicken Dinners from the Eating Well website, so you know they’re delicious and healthy! http://www.eatingwell.com/

Quick Chicken RecipesEatingWell2

Shake up your dinner routine with these quick and easy chicken recipes.
There’s nothing better than a quick, easy and affordable chicken dinner for a weeknight meal. These easy chicken recipes for baked chicken, chicken salad, chicken soup, chicken pasta and chicken tenders are healthy dinners your whole family will love. Try one of our healthy chicken recipes tonight for a quick dinner ready in 30 minutes or less.

Chinese Chicken & Noodle Salad
This delicious Chinese-inspired salad is crisp, crunchy and cool with shredded cabbage, carrots and chicken breast tossed with toasted ramen noodles and slivered almonds. The dressing is an addictive orange, sesame, ginger and soy combination—you may want to double the dressing and save some for a salad the next day…..

Chipotle-&-Orange Grilled Chicken
Chipotle peppers…

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Healthy Strawberry Smoothie

My kids love that I cook and I am always eager to have them help me in the kitchen and taste my creations. I encourage them to be creative and come up with their own recipes. One of the best times I have, every year, is making birthday cakes for my kids. They come up with a theme or idea and I figure out how to make it. In a future post I will show my collection of cakes I have made over the years.

Tonight my daughter Emily wanted to make, for her evening treat, a fresh strawberry smoothie. We had a bunch of fresh strawberries on hand, and some honey flavored Greek style yogurt, Greek Gods brand http://www.greekgodsyogurt.com/html/. The smoothie was simple, easy and she loved it. This would be great for a healthy afternoon snack.

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